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The Culture of Communication

Better Communication and Collaboration

The below presentations are normally not part of the ‘Talks’ on The Culture of Communication. However, there often is a lot of cross over with communication and productivity and decision making.

Our presentation are often changed to fit the needs of the organization it is being presented to. Due to NDAs and other privacy needs, the below presentations will have some key aspects removed. If you are looking for information on a presentation or consulting that you were part of please contact Common World inc. direct. If you have any questions on these presentations or would like to hire Common World inc. for consulting or to come and ‘Talk’ to your organization please see our contact info under our services page.

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    The Culture of Communication
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    Better Group Communication and Etiquette

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    One to Many and Many to One Communication

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    Committee Collaboration and Communication

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    Building Better Communication

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    Consulting and Training

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    A 'Walled Garden' to Aggregate Information with Simplification and Speed


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